Omnivore Acres Farm

Growing Food and Creating Hospitality Through Sustainable Agricultural Practises

6-acre family-owned/operated farm featuring omega-3 eggs from free range chickens, veggie-fed chicken & charcuterie products from pasture raised pigs. We sell weaner piglets.


What We Offer

At Omnivore Acres we raise pigs, chickens, graze a small flock of sheep/lambs and market eggs produced by our 400 free ranging layers. We have a greenhouse and a large asparagus patch.

We market approximately 400 weaner piglets every spring.

We offer our farm space for private niche hospitality events especially those celebrating food and music.

Braun Custom Meat Processors 

Our commitment to maintaining local agricultural infrastructure led us to purchase Braun Custom Meat Processors in Glenora just south of Duncan. We had been using Braun for many years, attracted to the high level of animal care, skill and customer service that has been part of the abattoir community for several generations.

Our commitment to supporting the broad range of employment that is linked to the abattoir on southern Vancouver Island was in solidarity with our values and our farm partners.