Omnivore Acres Farm

Piglet Sales


Weaners are 5-6 week old and about 17 lbs. They come from Durock/Hampshire sires, and Landrace/Yorkshire sows. Males are castrated, and all piglets are vaccinated for circovirus, glassers, influenza, and erysipelas.


Our weaner piglets are born at a nursery barn in Alberta that we are partnered with. With the limited availability of weaner piglets on Vancouver Island combined with ancillary technical and other welfare supports we have been able to establish a high level of care from birth to harvest through our Farm and our Abattoir.


Piglet sales take place April, May and June each year and by custom dates if demand exists. Cost range depends on the number purchased and cost to us each year but generally between $110.00 - $120.00